Weekly News #8

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Weekly News # 8

Dear Work.Master students ! what a difficult period! but the entire W.M Team is mobilized and remains in action and in présentiel for and with you ! Take good care of yourself ! Love!


Upcoming Week`s Planning:

Monday, November 9
Labzone Morag Keil Online / 6 PM / https://discord.gg/kAa4qwE
Sonia Kacem proposes RDV’S Online: www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Dorine Aguerre proposes RDV’S : www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Lili Reynaud Dewar proposesRDV’S : www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Tuesday, November 10
Labzone Lili Reynaud Dewar / 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM / PETROLIO
Labzone Jill Gasparina & Christophe Kihm on Teams / 2 PM to 5PM / infos bellow **
Sonia Kacem proposes RDV’S Online: www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Anselm Franke proposes RDV’S Online: www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Niels Trannois proposes RDV’S : www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Wednesday, November 11
Seminar Anselm Franke Online/ 9:30 link Zoom
Vincent Kohler, Laurent Schmid, Marlie Mul, Niels Trannois, David Zerbib (to confirm on the calendar if online or no), proposes RDV’S www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Meet & Greet Practical Guest Teacher Morag Keil for all students / ONLINE on discord: https://discord.gg/kAa4qwE *

Thursday, November 12
Seminar Christophe Kihm / 10 AM to 12 on skype/ link coming on Wednesday
Seminar Marie-Laure Allain Bonilla Online/ 2 PM to 5 PM/ Teams: link
Seminar David Zerbib Infos coming soon on the calendar!
Mai Thu Perret proposes RDV’S Online: www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Christophe Kihm proposes RDV’S Online: www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Marlie Mul proposes RDV’S : www.workmaster.cc/rdv

Friday, November 13
Jill Gasparina proposes RDV’S Online: www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Marie-Laure Allain Bonilla proposes RDV’S Online: www.workmaster

  • Meet & Greet Practical Guest Teacher Morag Keil , as all students need to choose their practical tutor by Nov. 25th and you havent all met Moarg yet ! Morag is teaching a Lab.zone and also does RDV/studio visit’s. Please meet Morag between 14:00-15:00 on DISCORD via this link: https://discord.gg/kAa4qwE

For more images of Morag’s art work see this gallery link: https://projectnativeinformant.com/artist/morag-keil/

** Labzone Jill Gasparina & Christophe Kihm :
Nous vous proposons de maintenir le calendrier de nos labzones et de l’adapter aux circonstances actuelles.
Par conséquent, nous assurerons la prochaine séance du mardi 10 novembre à 14 heures, en ligne. Elle sera divisée en deux temps :

Dans un premier temps, nous discuterons des travaux que vous avez effectués suite à la précédente séance : il s’agissait de travailler sur la question de l’image embarquée à l’aide de la technique du collage. Merci de préparer vos documents afin d’assurer le bon déroulement de cette première partie de notre séance.

Dans un second temps, nous vous présenterons, à partir d’un nouveau document, un nouvel habitat spatial puis nous discuterons de ses extensions dans différents champs, de l’architecture aux arts plastiques, de la musique aux sciences humaines. Pour ne rien vous cacher, il s’agira de la capsule.

Voici les liens avec la documentation de la séance précédente :

Pour vous connecter à la séance du 10:
Aller sur TEAMS, dans le canal “Séance 3_La capsule”, en visio.


Info: You will receive soon informations on Teleworkmaster on each teacher, to find out who will be there online or in person in the near future and on the continuation of the proposed contents.
We are aware that at the moment it is not very clear but we are setting up a system that allows you to have fluid access to everything that is offered at the work.Master


or : http://workmaster.cc/wmoon/
Pasword: laCabaneBH11


Coronavirus info in :
school remains open and does not close

the Work.Master office also remains open.
we will tell you soon if it will be at 100% or a bit less

All group teaching will be online, but you have access to your studios

What will stay open: studios, ateliers techniques, cours techniques. Possible: workshops, projets situées. Up to 5 people.

Personal RDVs with tutors and teachers are possible, 1 on 1 basis. Please check on the wiki page if the teacher offers face-to-face or online RDV’S.

Masks must be worn permanently, even in your studios.
Here is a link to a message from our director Jean Pierre Greff with a summary of the global measures proposed by the HEAD :


Coronavirus info:
Please let us know as soon as possible if you are affected by a quarantine or that you need to be tested for covid-19. This would allow us to react and adapt the program. We very much hope that all goes well for you during this very complicated period. do not hesitate to contact us or come to the office for any questions.

take care of you


Espace Commun – the dialogue between the CCC, TRANS, Cinema and Work.Master department about our common spaces in the new building !

So far there are discussions about a shared coffee and other drinks and snacks places, auto-gerée by the students, which is being built during this week’s Pool-CH project La Cabane, on the ground floor of Batiment A in the entrance. There are also other common spaces and projects, such as La Soupe, a mobile cooking unit, a mobile radio station unit, shared places for eating, shared places for concentration and work, shared spaces for exhibiting or showing of artworks and projects in general.

If you are interested in this exchange of ideas about the shared and self-organized places in the new building and also in the exchange with students from CCC, TRANS, and Cinema, please send us a mail to work.mastergeneva@gmail.com. We will establish the contact.

First-Year Students

You need to choose your practical tutors!
the deadline is postponed to November 25th !!
and your theoretical tutors by December 4th.

Please fill in the following form:
Tutors: Jill Gasparina, Jeanne Graff, Fabrice Gygi, Sonia Kacem, Morag Keil, Vincent Kohler, Pierre Leguillon, Marlie Mul, Mai-Thu Perret, Aurélie Pétrel, Olga Rozenblum, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Mårten Spångberg, Mabe Bethônico

Second Year Students
In order to be able to start working on your thesis/mémoire, you need to choose your theory tutor NOW (!). The deadline to hand in the Thesis/Mémoire is February 2021.

Please fill in the following form:
Tutors: Marie-Laure Allain Bonilla, Anselm Franke, Jeanne Graff, (Ayesha Hameed), Jill Gasparina, Christophe Kihm, Charlotte Laubard, Ileana Parvu, (Olga Rozenblum), David Zerbib

(Reminder: All students are free to set up appointments for RDVs/studio visits with any tutor, even if she/he is not their personal tutor. RDV page : www.workmaster.cc/rdv Click on the name of the teacher you want to meet. To edit the page and add your name on the available time slots, click on the button ‘edit’ on the top right, write your name, click « save buttons ».)


Concerning new tools about internal communication, there are now two mailing lists that you can use:Mailing list to reach all students: wmstudents2020-21@workmaster.ch

• Mailing list to reach everybody (incl. teachers) at Work.Master: wmall2020-21@workmaster.ch

• The main email to reach the Work.Master team (Laurent, Marlie, Jonas, Lou, Dorine) is: work.mastergeneva@gmail.com
As you can imagine, there is a lot of traffic on this collective email address, so you can also contact one of the assistants directly for any questions:
Lou: lou.masduraud@hesge.ch
Dorine: dorine.aguerre@hesge.ch
Jonas: jonas.hermenjat@hesge.ch
To contact Laurent: laurent.schmid@hesge.ch
To contact Marlie: marlie.mul@hesge.ch
• For administrative questions (student card, photocopy badges, registration, internship, student portal… ) you can contact Carole Lauk carole.lauk@hesge.ch
• During the year, you will be in direct contact with your Lab.zone/BBC/Seminar teachers. Don’t forget to ask them directly for the email address by which they want you to contact them when you will meet them – during their first Lab.zones or seminars sessions. If any of you ever need to contact WorkMaster guests/teachers /invited artists before your first Lab.zone/seminar, write to work.mastergeneva@gmail.com and we can put you in touch with them.
• all HEAD staff addresses are on https://www.hesge.ch/head/

For all information, you can reach this link to “le guide pratique de l’étudiant”: Guide Pratique HEAD 2020-21

Have a nice week!

The Work.Master Team: Marlie Mul, Laurent Schmid,
assistants: Lou Masduraud, Dorine Aguerre, Jonas Hermenjat

L-O-V-E! the Work.Master team.

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