Weekly News #6

Weekly News # VI

Dear Work.Master students!

人人人人 へ( ゚ェ゚)_ 人人人人

Upcoming Week`s Planning:

From Monday, October 26 to Friday October 30th

It is mandatory to choose a pool workshop !
You can choose a Pool CH from various schools in Switzerland – You need to register fo the Pool CH before they start!
Find all Pool CH workshop descriptions here
HEAD proposes 5 different Pools in Geneva, but if you choose to go to another city to do your Pool-CH Workshop, we will reimburse the train ticket costs (half price as usual). Keep your ticket and proof of purchase and give it to Carole Lauk.

This year HEAD offers 6 differents pool.ch :
subscribe to carole.lauk@hesge.ch
G.A.R.A.GE : Groupe d’action pour la remuneration des artistes à Geneve – BH / room 11B
subscribe to carole.lauk@hesge.ch
L’école est à nous – New campus Batiment A – Route des Franchises 2
subscribe to carole.lauk@hesge.ch
Defense Strategies – Boulevard helvétique – room S01
subscribe to carole.lauk@hesge.ch
Publishing as social practice – BH / 3rd floor / TRANS room
subscribe to mathilde.chenin@hesge.ch
Dans le respect des principes démocratiquement imposés – BH / 2nd floor / CCC room
subscribe to julie.marmet@hesge.ch or nayansaku.mufwankolo@hesge.ch
Potentiel photogénique. Documenter – archiver – this pool is full!

For all Pools in other schools, please register with the contact that you can find on the website.
Validation paper / credits
If you choose to travel to other schools, please download this form, print it, and have it signed by the teachers of the pool ch to validate the related credits. THANKS !


Coronavirus info:
Please let us know as soon as possible if you are affected by a quarantine or that you need to be tested for covid-19. This would allow us to react and adapt the program. We very much hope that all goes well for you during this very complicated period. do not hesitate to contact us or come to the office for any questions.

take care of you

First-Year Students
You need to choose your practical tutors by November 11th and your theoretical tutors by December 4th.
Please fill in the following form:

Second Year Students
In order to be able to start working on your thesis/mémoire, you need to choose your theory tutor NOW (!). The deadline to hand in the Thesis/Mémoire is February 2021.
Please fill in the following form:

(Reminder: All students are free to set up appointments for RDVs/studio visits with any tutor, even if she/he is not their personal tutor. RDV page : www.workmaster.cc/rdv Click on the name of the teacher you want to meet. To edit the page and add your name on the available time slots, click on the button ‘edit’ on the top right, write your name, click « save buttons ».)

BB Conventions

You’ll find content (programme, videos, sounds, texts) and info on the first BBConvention organised by Sonia Kacem on http://workmaster.cc/teleworkmaster under BBC 1, Gathering, Sonia Kacem
Live streams (and archived videos) are normally on Work.Master’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Work0Master

1st YEAR mandatory is 2 BBC’s and a minimum of 2 seminars. Labzones are optional.
2nd YEAR mandatory is 1 lab.zone and a minimum of 1 seminar. BBC`s are optional.

Next BBC 2 : Mårten Spångberg from November 2 to November 5. program coming soon!


or : http://workmaster.cc/wmoon/
Pasword: laCabaneBH11


Concerning new tools about internal communication, there are now two mailing lists that you can use:Mailing list to reach all students: wmstudents2020-21@workmaster.ch

• Mailing list to reach everybody (incl. teachers) at Work.Master: wmall2020-21@workmaster.ch

• The main email to reach the Work.Master team (Laurent, Marlie, Jonas, Lou, Dorine) is: work.mastergeneva@gmail.com
As you can imagine, there is a lot of traffic on this collective email address, so you can also contact one of the assistants directly for any questions:
Lou: lou.masduraud@hesge.ch
Dorine: dorine.aguerre@hesge.ch
Jonas: jonas.hermenjat@hesge.ch
To contact Laurent: laurent.schmid@hesge.ch
To contact Marlie: marlie.mul@hesge.ch
• For administrative questions (student card, photocopy badges, registration, internship, student portal… ) you can contact Carole Lauk carole.lauk@hesge.ch
• During the year, you will be in direct contact with your Lab.zone/BBC/Seminar teachers. Don’t forget to ask them directly for the email address by which they want you to contact them when you will meet them – during their first Lab.zones or seminars sessions. If any of you ever need to contact WorkMaster guests/teachers /invited artists before your first Lab.zone/seminar, write to work.mastergeneva@gmail.com and we can put you in touch with them.
• all HEAD staff addresses are on https://www.hesge.ch/head/

For all information, you can reach this link to “le guide pratique de l’étudiant”: Guide Pratique HEAD 2020-21

Have a nice week!

The Work.Master Team: Marlie Mul, Laurent Schmid,
assistants: Lou Masduraud, Dorine Aguerre, Jonas Hermenjat


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