Weekly News #1

Dear Work.Master students! Welcome <3

BONJOUR A TOUS – Hello everyone !!
BON RETOUR AU WM pour les habitués/accoutumés WM2 !

We hope this intense first week full of great presentations has motivated you to work with many guests/artists/teachers for the coming year.
Here comes the Weekly News!


– Monday morning until Tuesday noon: Hours reserved for seminars
– Tuesday noon – Thursday evening: Hours reserved for Lab.Zones
– Fridays no course / days for independent work in the studio (and/or good moment for any potential side jobs)

• www.workmaster.cc/calendar


First, as has been explained this week, you can visit all first sessions of all LabZones and Seminars and choose the ones you are interested in following based on these first sessions.
When you have chosen, you register directly with the teacher, and then you participate in the project for its entire duration.
1st YEAR : you need to do 2 labzones and 2 seminars minimum
2nd YEAR : you need to do 1 labzone and 1 seminar minimum


All students choose 2 personal tutors, a tutor that guides their practical work (practical tutor) and a tutor that guides the writing of their thesis/mémoire (theoretical tutor). The tutors are chosen by the student.

All students are free to set up appointments for RDVs/studio visits with any tutor, even if she/he is not their personal tutor.

You can find the RDV page here: www.workmaster.cc/rdv (as it is the beginning of the school year, depending on the tutor, some have added and some have not yet added RDV time slots, you can check per tutor link to see this. They will be adding their time slots throughout the next few weeks)

Click on the name of the teacher you want to meet. To edit the page and add your name on the available time slots, click on the button ‘edit’ on the top right, write your name, click « save buttons ».


• The main email (which we read all four at the workmaster; Laurent, Denise, Jonas and Lou) is: workmaster.head@hesge.ch
As you can imagine, there is a lot of traffic on this collective email address, so you can also contact one of the assistants directly for any questions:
Jonas: jonas.hermenjat@hesge.ch
Lou: lou.masduraud@hesge.ch
Denise: denise.bertschi@hesge.ch
First Years can contact Laurent for important questions:
Laurent: laurent.schmid@hesge.ch
Second Years can contact Marlie for important questions:
Marlie: marlie.mul@hesge.ch
• For administrative questions (student card, photocopy badges, registration, internship, student portal… ) you can contact Maeva Mourlan maeva.mourlan@hesge.ch
• During the year, you will be in direct contact with your LabZone and Seminar teachers. Don’t forget to ask them directly for the email address by which they want you to contact them when you will meet them – during their first labzones or seminars sessions. If any of you ever need to contact WorkMaster guests / teachers / invited artists before your first LabZone/seminar, write to workmaster.head@hesge.ch and we can put you in touch with them.
• all HEAD staff addresses are on https://www.hesge.ch/head/

Next week in Work.Master

Friday, September 21
10 AM visit to our library – Avenue de Châtelaine 5 / 1203 Genève – 2e étage
11 AM workshop visit at James Fazy ( wood, metal, prototype )
noon PIC NIC with Aurélie Petrel (pool photo coordinator )
13h30 Artspace Visit at Forde, La dispersion, Centre d’Art, Duplex – RDV in Forde, L’Usine
6 pm – Duplex party – Rue des Amis 9, 1201 Genève
Monday, September 23
Labzone Jon Rafman / 3 PM to 6 PM / Room 11B
Tuesday, September 24
Seminar Christophe Kihm / 2 PM to 5 PM / Room 11B
Labzone Jon Rafman / 3 PM to 6 PM / Room to confirm
Christophe Kihm proposes RDV’S www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Jon Rafman proposes RDV’S www.workmaster.cc/rdv
Wednesday, September 25
Labzone Jon Rafman / 3 PM to 6 PM / Room 11B
Labzone Jill Gasparina & Christophe Kihm / 10 AM to 1 PM / Room11B
Casual hangout/presentations/fun with all students – organised by Sergio (1st Year), Jimmy (1st Year) and Marlie / 6 PM / BH11, bring some drinks! :)))))
Thursday, September 26
Présentation of Marie-Antoinette Chiarenza / 11:30 AM / Room BH11

List of LAB.ZONES 2019/20

• Alexandra Bachzetsis
• Denise Bertschi
• Yann Chateigné
• Vaginal Davis / Olga Rozenblum
• Fabrice Gygi
• Morag Keil
• Christophe Kihm / Jill Gasparina
• Pierre Leguillon
• Marlie Mul
• Mai-Thu Perret
• Jon Rafman
• Laurent Schmid
• Niels Trannois
• Aurélie Pétrel et Barbara Fédier

List of Seminars 2019/2020

• Fulvia Carnevale
• Yann Chateigné
• Anselm Franke
• Christophe Kihm et Jill Gasparina
• Ileana Parvu
• David Zerbib

Each tutor has a certain amount of students that they can accept to work with for this academic year, for practical tutors this is:

BACHZETSIS Alexandra 4
CHIARENZA Marie-Antoinette 2
DAVIS Vaginal 6
GYGI Fabrice 4
KEIL Morag 6
KOHLER Vincent 2
LHEUREUX Christelle 1
MUL Marlie 8
PERRET Mai-Thu 4
PETREL Aurélie 7

List of theory tutors and number of students they can accept to work with:

FRANKE Anselm 4
KIHM Christophe 5
PARVU Iléana 4

ZERBIB David 5

First Year Students: Please choose your tutors by January 13th.

Second Year Students: The most urgent is 2nd Year Students without Theory Tutor (deadline now!)

When you have chosen your tutors, please fill in their names in the following openly accessible form:



September 20 at Fri Art Kunsthalle Fribourg 6 PM – 3 AMA House is not a Home W/ Daphne Ahlers, Olga Balema, Camille Blatrix, Gina Fischli, Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi, Marie Gyger, Lewis Hammond, Nora Kapfer, Tristan Lavoyer, Claudia Lemke, Dominic Michel, Sveta Mordovskaya, Ser Serpas (Ser who is also studying in workmaster !! )
September 21 at Aargauer Kunsthaus – Performancepreis Schweiz 2019
Aargauerplatz, 5001 Aarau – 11:30 AM – 10 PM
September 25 at Espace 3353 – I Could Be Easy To Swallow – 6PM – Rue du Tunnel 9, Carouge – Nathalie Preisig, Aso Mohammadi, Gianmaria Andreetta & Ivan Cheng
September 26 at Zabriskie Point ( Rond point de Plain Palais ) 6PM – 9:30PM
ℭ𝔥𝔦𝔞𝔯𝔞 ℭ𝔥𝔦𝔞𝔯𝔞 ℭ𝔥𝔦𝔞𝔯𝔞/ Caroline Schattling Villeval ( Caroline is studying in workmaster !! )


September 23 at SPOUTNIK projection ACID FOREST in L’USINE – 8.30PM

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